Behavioral Profiles

Behavioral profiling will enable you to:

  • Improve recruiting and selection
  • Avoid mishires
  • Reduce turnover
  • Boost individual performance and team play
  • Enrich attitudes and cooperation

You’ll be able to identify and understand how people are likely to:

  • Lead and manage
  • Handle pressure, change and conflict
  • Persuade
  • Solve problems
  • Communicate
  • Respond to negative conditions
  • Work on teams
  • Be motivated
  • Perceive success and failure
  • Adapt to new situations
  • Organize and prioritize
  • Set goals and define success
  • Listen (or not)
  • Make decisions quickly

…and you’ll learn how to better build respect, rapport and trust with all different styles.

Behavioral profiling does not replace a personal interview.

It is a part of and subsequent to, a well-planned interview conducted with selection criteria based on defined traits and skills.

You will be able to assess and predict any individual’s tendencies toward:

Controlling the environment through strong-minded  direct communication, bottom-line/strategic thinking and decisive action

Influencing the environment through optimism, passion, social-assertiveness, energy, expressiveness albeit less focused action

Cooperating with others and working within existing circumstances to carry out tasks through sympathy, consistency, harmony while action on someone else’s priorities

Working conscientiously within existing circumstances to ensure accuracy through a systematic  concern for procedure, quality and detailed planning

The Basic Profile

The Basic Profile is an invaluable tool to be used at the end of the initial hiring interview to identify congruence or conflict with your rated selection criteria, the individual’s needs and those of the position.

The Full Assessment

The Full Assessment includes several smaller reports to help develop employees once they’ve completed an initial success period (30-90 days).  Full Assessments contain up to 40-65 pages of detailed analysis regarding behavioral tendencies along with specific recommendations for improving communication, motivation and environment.

Here’s a simple, affordable way to get started:

Invest in an initial package of three Assessments along with detailed instructions on how to complete them. Each profile includes a detailed description of its style and those of all the other styles.

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