Fun Stuff About David


The Early Days

funstuff_01Even in his earlier high school years, David had a knack for being on stage. You may not recognize that guy with hair in the back, but that’s rock and roll drummer, David Yoho.

funstuff_02David got some motivation early in life from college football coach, Lou Holtz when he played linebacker at the college of William and Mary.

David In Action

funstuff_03Right at home on stage, David portrayed two key roles for the Southeast Christian Church Easter Pageant which is attended by thousands and recognized nationwide.

funstuff_04David tapped into his leadership role in his two-year portrayal of Caiphas, the high priest. As the evil one himself, David captivated and impressed audiences with his eerily frightening portrayal of Satan, fully garbed in tights and witching fingernails. Creative performance is an outlet David enjoys utilizing his stage presence.

funstuff_05David has had roles in several movies where he has used his theatrical talents in many versatile roles.

funstuff_06David plays a lieutenant in the military in the big screen movie, “Clancy.”

The Man Behind the Suspenders

funstuff_07Motivation doesn’t stop with his clients, as a middle school football coach for seven years, David utilizes what he has learned in his own football experience and puts it to work among the team of young athletes on the football field.

funstuff_08Preparing for his first rodeo, David sports his ten gallon hat and roach stomping boots as he prepares for a time of socializing with some of his fun-loving clients from the Lone Star state.