How David Gets Results

You determine the extent customization, personalization and reinforcement.

He identifies the needs and wants of your organization by studying:

  • Annual reports
  • News releases
  • Training material
  • Third party research, reports & surveys
  • Business plans
  • Advertising & promotion
  • Company & industry periodicals
  • Marketing reports & surveys

He identifies the needs and wants of your participants by:

  • Interviewing your executives, board members, key leaders
  • Acquiring facts about their skills, experiences, opinions, attitudes & beliefs through simple, easy questionnaires
  • Allowing them to pose their own questions to David in advance of the event

He customizes his message by learning your:

  • Terminology
  • Goals
  • Recent performance vs. forecast
  • History, values, successes
  • Current challenges
  • Changes in direction or philosophy
  • Competition, antagonists and allies
  • Pending (pertinent) legislation

He personalizes his message by:

  • Identifying the organization’s and the participant’s false beliefs (falsisms)
  • Connecting his message to the big picture
  • Conducting mystery shopping
  • Finding apostles within your group
  • Resolving the unresolved

He reinforces his message with

  • Key phrases that anchor new beliefs (Yohoisms)
  • Customized workbooks
  • Customized audio and video programs
  • Follow up with management
  • Post event teleconferences