Speeches & Seminars

David has created and produced specific systems that will be customized to your particular everyday situations, challenges and objections with your terminology. He’ll teach participants what to do and why and will provide specific examples of how to deliver your message effectively. Speeches and seminars can be presented to business owners, managers, sales staff, executives or entrepreneurs. Here are some of David’s keynote presentations:

Boosting Sales and Profits with a Strategic Plan

Learn bottom-line expectations, 7 deadly sins to avoid, how to find the customer that’s right for your company and learn essential questions to ask your staff and the significance behind each question.

The Greatest Secret of Managing Relationships

Know more about the customer than the customer knows about you, that’s the greatest secret. Learn how to obtain information, use information and recalling and maintaining information. David also delves into developing trust, credibility and rapport.

The Ultimate Hiring System

This complete system is guaranteed to help you attract, hire and retain more productive telesales reps, whether they prospect, close deals, call on regular accounts or simply handle customer service calls.

Hiring the Best CSR’s and Keeping Them

Hiring the right people are key to results. Start with “getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats.”

The M & M Game

Learn the five key elements of motivating salespeople and develop an “internal marketing” plan. David also focuses on training new salespeople, coaching and stimulation for peak performance and personalizing a strategy to meet your individual needs.

Tele$elling Programs

David analyzes your market, products, services, goals, statistics, competition, advertising, promotions and predictable trends. He identifies difficult situations, current obstacles and objectives through telephone interviews and questionnaires.

The Power of Personal Influence

In this most requested speech, David focuses on the ethical and professional principles of leading people to positive, profitable actions that are in both parties best interests.

Commanding Higher Prices in a Competitive Market

David creates a strategic plan that includes differentiation, positioning, personalized customer contact, enhanced database marketing and professional selling systems.

Developing New Accounts

Boost the number of new accounts in quantity and quality with this specific method to increase number of attempts and contacts while learning the specific steps that are guaranteed to boost the conversion rate of prospects to new accounts.